Cake Recipe for a Casual Game

The big challenge for Dimension Fall was to create a low cost game in two months with a monetization and advertising system that is as close to ideal as possible. That way, this would be our own cake recipe model for other casual games. From the first day we worked with most produced games so this was a great challenge. I participated in almost every phase of the project related: strategy, ideation and user experience.

An infinite run on changing planes to overcome their obstacles.

Dimension Fall is an infinite vertical runner where the objective is to take the ball as deep as possible by changing the dimensions of the scenarios. In a race against time, switch between two dimensions, enabling and disabling platforms and obstacles. Collect game-currensy on the way and switch them to increase your collection of balls and dimensions, unlocking incredible worlds.


Wireframe - Flows, Interactions, Monetization and Interstitial Ads

User Flow, Interactions, Monetization, Insterstitials and Storyboard on a single page. It was easier to get the table in the meetings, scratch the papers and discuss the flows. There were 4 versions improved and tested one by one until we define an ideal architecture.



The first version was developed with wireframe placeholders for internal tests. At this point we still had no definite visual style.

Usability Testing and Game Balance

Along with the level designer, we conducted usability and playtest tests for balancing and tweaking the game. We collect many feedbacks that without the surveys would be practically impossible to guess where we went wrong, we are addicted gamers who despite empathy, we are producing games for casual players.


Visual Direction

In this project I and the illustrator discussed the visual direction together, doing searches of games of the same segment and art direction, which way we would follow to the graphical styles of the aspects of the game and the interface. The entire visual was created by our illustrator, Only the logo and some UI elements were made by me.

Captura de Tela 2018-07-22 às 13.25.32

KPI Definition and Tracking Points

Next to our Head, Marketing and our Lead Game Designer, we discussed the basic, strategic and funnel points for tracking via Unity Analytics. They were implemented by a developer. We changed some tracking terms so that they were accessible and easily understood by all, for viewing and reporting. Below is an example of the list of tracking points.

Captura de Tela 2018-07-16 às 23.47.10

Game User Interface


Available soon (12th Ago 2018)

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