DS Kids
Our children, growing healthier, living happier.

DS for Apple Watch
Check out the menus suggested by nutritionists, check the water consumption and eating habits list on your watch.

Mobile App - iOS / Android
User Experience / Interface / Art Direction


DS Kids is a Dieta e Saúde (the largest online weight loss program in Brazil) institutional project. There are more than 10 million downloads in the app and more than 1 million kilos (2.2 million pounds) lost by our users only in 2014.

But now, besides taking care of adult food, we want our children to grow healthier and happier. So we thought we'd help dads and moms in this task, which is not that easy.


The Process

• The entire team (designers, engineers, nutritionists, product managers, and everyone in between) worked out of the Dieta e Saúde office 1-2 days a week to immerse ourselves in the DS Kids brand and workflow;

• Suggestions of balanced and nutritious menus without sacrificing flavor;

• Super creative tips for day-to-day activities, such as riding a lunchbox healthily;
• Very cool ways to encourage kids to be more active through play;
• Easy recipes to make with the kids to help stimulate the palate with healthy edibles;
• Many other ideas, tips and information that parents need to create a very tasty and healthy routine for children.

Sketching and wireframing


Before starting on those designs, we spent 4 weeks conducting preliminary user research in the form of quick interviews at Dieta e Saúde HQ. We then came up with ideas based on a report of that user research, competitive research, and knowledge about the mobile space accumulated from past projects and our main product: Dieta e Saúde app.

Prototyping and User-testing


We put out our designs in low-fidelity prototypes on Flinto as quickly as possible to watch people interact with the app. Our agile process involved creating concepts, testing them and making changes accordingly. Build, measure, learn. 

User interface