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Natura & Co Group
Beauty and Cosmetics
2020 - 2021
With a strong acceleration in the global digitization process in the midst of the pandemic, our team was called on to develop a unique experience for all brand representatives from different countries and brands in the group, centralizing maintenance development modules in a single modular app.
The Challenge
Different branded versions and applications, with no interface standards or componentization, in addition to user feedback regarding functional improvement.
A product of decoupled modules, implemented in a multi-brand, multi-country, multi-user and multi-platform model. Individual ability to customize menu accesses for each user according to their working environment with defined and implemented metrics from the perspective of their long-term journey.
2020 • Natura and Avon's e-commerce grows 150% amid COVID
2020 • ThoughtWorks reformulates engineering at Natura
2020 • Top Expert Team - Squad Core Achievement
2021 • Natura & Co grows 36%, with large increase in online resellers
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Rip the brief

Define Plan




Build, test, iterate

Design System

Delivery Soluction
NPS , Desk Research , User interview

Design Scope, define schedule

Competititve Analysis, Heuristics

Present Results, Insights, Opportunities

Tech Analysis

User Vision, Business Vision

Documentation, Components

QA for Design
We identify and discover opportunities and competitive advantages by comparing the Natura app with its competitors and global top-of-mind products. Analysis of primary and secondary navigation, content, taxonomy and native patterns.
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Backup DS – Apresentação_R&R_Q3.pptx (5)
Backup DS – Apresentação_R&R_Q3.pptx (4)
Comparative and Heuristical Analysis
We analyzed the usability points in question, so that we could understand today how the main applications in the world behave with extensive content and category groupings, including hybrid or native behaviors.
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Profiles mapping
We identified a total of 47 user profiles in Latin America + Malaysia, where each profile has its peculiarities of access.
The work of mapping profiles and accesses, reorganizing and reviewing taxonomies was carried out.
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A new proposal was made based on previous studies designed in conjunction with our interface analysis.
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Example of flows for different cases. (Ex: Access as a consultant by leading profiles from different grades)
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Functional prototypes for POC and usability testing


Usability Tests
Grade defined by profiles, time with the brand, age and geography. Outcome metrics analyzed based on perceived use value, SUS (System Usability Scale) and final prototype satisfaction. Were used the Maze, Teams and tools for online testing.
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After the feedback process, data were tabulated, results and interface and flow adjustments were made, in line with the POs and Stakeholders involved.
Menu flow and subcategory
Add shortcuts to menu
Access as a consultant by leaders and managers
Design System Components
Documentation of development and use of components, assets, states, variants, patterns etc, native and hybrid for iOS and Android.
Admin panel
It was designed together with the development team of the administrative flows of Shortcuts and Menu, including features for creating new menus, adding, removing, editing items among other core functionalities. Interface follows DS Natura recommendations, following Material Design component documentation (React / Web).
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