Product Designer - Team Lead


Entertainment - streaming


5 months

Transforming the Video Experience into a powerful monetization tool

StreamLayer’s interactive viewing platform for Sports OTT/Streaming providers around the globe delivering a game-changing entertainment experience to audience.

I worked part-time on their product team for five months. We worked continuously to deliver features and new work.


Thoughts and Learnings

To organize the Design house - that was my primarly assignment. Implementing processes, conventions, flows from the understanding of KPIs, showcase discoveries and new ideas, business objectives and handoff of deliveries to the development team.

I really enjoy collaborating and creating a safe space for new ideas and this time has received the stimulus very well.

SL was a client with low maturity design processes, where it was practically drived at delivering screens in massive volume (as advertising agencies do).

Secondarily, I participated in pairing with the team of designers depending on the demand and complexity of the task. 

We would turn this knowledge into resources helping to provide a foundation for how we would provide the most value to users in StreamLayer. In a cycle of evangelization of design culture, delivery by delivery, it happened over and over again sucessfully.


Product Overview

Viewers watch and play at home through live interactive polls, trivia, and prediction questions seamlessly integrated and synced to the stream, with leaderboards showing rankings against the field (or friends), and prizes pushed to the winners. Users can also track bets with real-time updates and bet on live in-game markets.

My responsabilites


I was part of the StreamLayer product team as Lead Product Designer, managing a team of three (UI, UX and motion designers). I took part in  backlog management, requirements, prototyping, UI design and user testing guidance.


The Design team operated with the Kanban process. We each had our own backlogs and weekly tasks (work asynchronous in regard of dev team), presented by showcase presentations to Product Owner and Stakeholders. Kickoffs, task assignments, technical validation, design critiques and pairing work for complex solutions.


In addition to participating in strategy and business planning meetings, I also helped define and translate the company's needs into design tasks, adding user stories and requirements to our project management board (LInear) for future implementation by the development team.

Digital device screen mockup vector with laptop and smartphone w

During this time in the project, my mission was to deliver new customizable version of SL app, so that customers could apply their visual identity to the product for any streaming platform. We also worked on improving the product's gamification flow. All the improvements that I work came from user interviews and business needs. 

Check below some of how this work was developed ↓

What are other products doing in the market today?

When I joined the company, part of future implementations were done without the necessary caution. After my entry, I was able to implement a research and evaluation process for other products and competitors references and market research, so that we could start developing something with more knowledge, references, use cases and closer to market fit.


Deliverable artifacts

I created high fidelity designs and development specs in Figma after performing discovery and research for features. I also created user flows, components, variants and documentations to development aiming design system specifications.

High-Fidelity Wireflows


UI Specs




Visual interface adapted for any platform branding


Example of study used to present a creative concept to Stakeholders - to be adopted on SL scoreboards (based on game leaderboards). 


Tools and Methodologies

👉🏾 List of tools
Loom, Linear, Figma, Mural, Toggl

👉🏾 Frameworks
Agile / Kanban

👉🏾 Processes that I was able to implement
Daily - UX Team, Weekly Showcases - Stakeholders, Market Research, Heurystic Analysis, Insights Gathering, Pairing, White Board for non-deliverables documentation (CSD, User Flow, User Cases and other discussions).